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Trumpers were forged in a furnace. We are smart, tough, and we never give up. We have his back.

The common working American has an iron will, and a relentless drive to Make America Great Again. We can see through a smoke-filled political battlefield and navigate with our common sense and instincts. We are smarter than the very MSM that is ridiculing our intelligence. We are more diverse than the very identity politicians that are calling us backwards.

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  • Mar 20th, 2017 PBS Left Out
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One Man Who Realized the Truth

March 30th, 2017 - One Smart Man Who Realized the Truth

History blankets many mighty deeds under the haze of obscurity, and we barely hear the echoes of many mighty soldiers.

History will never bury a man named Charles Martel. Charles “The Hammer” Martel. Why am I writing about this man on this site Truth of Trump? Read on, maybe you’ll find some resemblance to what we are experiencing now.

Charles “The Hammer” Martel was one smart man who realized the truth. The status quo ruling parties, the Government and the Church condemned him. And, in the end, whether they realized it or not, through his wise actions, he saved them, the very people who scoffed at him. Further, he did it with peasants, farmers and workers. The working class, they believed in him. And, they were right.

Charles “the Hammer” Martel was a statesman born in France 686 AD. He was also a military leader. The Frankish countryside was as it always was until 732 AD. In 732 AD the Muslim army commander Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi of the Iberian Umayyad Caliphate charged into France. First, he launched a campaign into southern France, taking endless villages and towns such as Aquitaine and Narbonne. They seemed unstoppable, and they themselves felt unstoppable.

The seal of Charles Martel

Until one man, Charles Martel realized what was happening: The Muslim forces were coming and they had to be stopped. Could he stop them? He didn’t know, but he knew he had to be smart, ready, and muster all he could to fight them. Charles Martel was a previous successful military leader, but at present, only had a few well trained soldiers, not really a fighting force. He knew he had to find a way.

Charles Martel knew he needed to confront the onslaught with as best trained force he could possibly prepare, and that took money, lots of money. He asked the Church for assistance, but the Pope refused. The Pope was astounded that Charles Martel would ask for funds for the defense of France, and considered ex-communicating him. He was hated by the Pope and the Church.

As the Caliphate advanced, they plundered monasteries and convents, stealing their valuables, raping, and slaughtering the Christians. Still, the Church would not help. Instead, the Pope ordered full retreat of the Church properties.

In this vacuum of deserted Churches and lands, Charles Martel wisely and quickly seized the properties, and sold them to raise money for his army. The Church hated him even more for this, obviously not really understanding what was about to befall them.

An army of peasants, farmers, and working men was recruited door to door, paid, and trained by himself and his few loyal soldiers. They became a battle ready force, and vowed to save France.

In 732 AD the Caliphate finally arrived just near Tours and Poitiers, France. And here the Battle of Tours (Poitiers) was fought between Charles “the Hammer” Martel’s 15,000 trained commoners and Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi’s 60,000 soldiers. The Muslim invaders faced a terrible defeat. Their leader was killed, and the remaining forces fled out of France, and back to the Iberian lands.

Further, Charles Martel was able to send a reconnaissance squad to claim all the riches the attackers had amassed when they plundered southern France.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana (1863-1952), Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1

Charles Martel earned the name “The Hammer” for his wisdom, his vision, his resourcefulness, and his determination. He alone saw the threat, he alone was scorned by leaders, he alone allocated his resources wisely, and he alone changed the course of European history. One man, was embraced by the working people of France and they fought for him. They ignored what their ‘removed’ other statesmen and ‘isolated’ Church leaders tried to make them believe. They knew the truth.

Charles “The Hammer” Martel saved France, and most of Christendom with it, possibly the entire continent. He then gave rise to Charlemagne, who would further bring stability and peace to France, Germany, and Belgium. The very Church and statesmen, who scorned him, were saved by him, and from then on they begged his help.

We should all be thankful of those who stand in the face of contempt and scorn from the lethargic, short-sighted establishment. Standing with purpose, these brave few will not be distracted, dissuaded, or tire of their purpose.

Thank God.

Remember Charles 'The Hammer' Martel

March 20th, 2017 - PBS / NPR Face the Music

President Donald J. Trump is cutting funding to Public Television (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). It’s about time, it’s necessary and it is long overdue.

I remember as a child watching the one, sole public television station here in San Diego, KPBS Channel 15, broadcasting from San Diego State University. It was innocent, fun, educational. After Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, it featured the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) nightly news, some financial reporting, and usually some very interesting Jacques Cousteau, Soundstage, or Nova shows. We knew KPBS was synonymous with quality.

Then slowly the country became more politicized. People, news shows, interviewers began taking sides. About this time the BBC, that was once polled as the most fair, accurate news in the entire world, was purchased by the British far left paper The Guardian. KPBS allowed this change to go largely unannounced and continued to air the BBC every single night. Increasingly, the new ownership slanted the nightly BBC news to the Left, and became increasing harsh to conservatives. Bolstering this line of slanted rhetoric was the PBS News Hour.

PBS’ News Hour was hosted by, now deceased, Gwen Ifill. Gwen Ifill would never raise any issue of the increasing control the European Union had over Greece or Spain’s economies, with their skyrocketing youth unemployment, would never mention a bad word on the harm that EU Austerity was inflicting to less fortunate EU members, and only seemed to champion ex-President Barrack Obama’s completely un-reinforced borders, and acceleration of job loss due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). She would give charmed interviews to heavy Clinton supporters like MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, and generate negative and harsh reports as far back as 1996 about conservatives like Patrick Buchanon. She was never neutral, and never fair, and never should have been on the panel during the 2008 Vice Presidential debates. She died tweeting ongoing, nonstop seething vitriol towards now-President, President Donald J. Trump.

Even a sharp-sighted Michelle Malkin in 2006 was exposing Gwen Ifill’s / Public Television’s hypocrisy, and Ifill's levering the debate moderator opportunity for increased book sales.

She was the nightly face of Public Television. We were expected to believe that she presented a fair and unbiased view of the world. After all, this is Public Television, supported by my very own paycheck and taxes. We were being lied to. Constantly.

We were being forced to pay for, and force fed continuously biased Liberal slanted news, whose programming grew like an octopus in their evening listings. From five pm to eight pm it was non-stop. This burgeoning liberal news agenda became so bloated, it forced normal programming to be pushed to second, third, and eventually a fourth KPBS local television station. News programming like DW (European, but largely German produced) News came on board to push even further left than the Guardian-owned BBC. DW News once reported on the homeless man that was set on fire in a murder attempt by European migrants. This is the wording they used: “Right Wing Media was harshly criticized this week for over-exaggerating an incident that occurred in the subway tunnel. Some youths engaged in minor foul play by igniting a man’s clothing, but the fire was small and some passersby put the fire out quickly.” –Yeah… actually, the migrants laughed at the man as he suffered near fatal third-degree burns in flames and needed intensive care. His life was saved by good citizens that braved harm by the attacking migrants and extinguished the growing fire before the man was killed. This is DW news, that tries to tell us with a straight face the crime rate in Europe “Is actually going down.” –While Sweden sees a 700% rate increase in rape, and a bulletproof wall and armed police are being placed around the Eiffel Tower to protect tourists.

PBS has continued to push us pro-globalization shows as well, introducing us to all these cultures that suffer (usually due to government corruption) and that we should be giving our tax dollars. Never mind the poverty in Detroit, Chicago, Orlando or Los Angeles, people in Myanmar rightfully deserve our tax dollars. PBS also seems to champion shows like the reborn “Cosmos” that very blatantly misrepresented the trials of Galileo when he published scientific claims without first presenting hard data, and then chided his very own sponsor of his work, The Catholic Church. In stark disagreement to the “Cosmos” version, the reality is that Galileo was never punished for his heliocentric claim, it was for not respecting a process that insured true and correct scientific data, and the Catholic Church has a very long history of supporting scientific breakthroughs, -before and after Galileo.

What I have always found supremely irritating about Public Television and NPR is how they have hit the pay dirt of seeming credible by exploiting the fact that America trusts the educated voice. America relies on people they see as intelligent to be honest. And, Public Television / NPR, although being clueless and agenda ridden, have constantly propped up the pseudo-intellectual appearing personality to bolster their believability.

The anti-Christian, pro-globalist, increasing far left Liberal, EU-wannabe, anti-Republican charade that has the gall to call itself “Public Television” that sucks tax dollars from hardworking Americans to support its agenda has gone on long enough. This de-funding is long overdue.

Without government support Public Television should be stripped of its false narrative name. It has become Corporate Agenda Broadcasting. It has been exposed as what it has voluntarily become: a channel funded by global elitist, with an agenda to manipulate after-work hours Americans into thinking they somehow know what’s best for us.

Lady Elaine Fairchild, Henrietta Kitten and Daniel Tiger were the last honest PBS personalities. They have long left the neighborhood.

knocked out PBS

March 10th, 2017 - "The Sky is Falling"

Every time we turn on the television, radio, web, or attend a function sponsored by the mainstream media, we hear everybody say in unison, “The sky is falling!”

CNN, ABC, the NY Times, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, all of them are doing this in a chorus. They drag some celebrity up to the microphone, and as if on cue for their fifteen minutes of union-paid time, they tell us how worried they are, how unsure they are, how uneasy they feel, that they don’t know what to expect now.

They must be reading their own lies, and starting to believe them.

They must be locked in some sort of a fake news matrix.

They must be preparing for a movie release and want to let Hollywood know they push the agenda too.

They must be ignoring reality.

Because, the reality of the situation is that the percentage of working adults in the labor force is increasing, the stock market is extremely robust, domestic investment is high, and people finally have a sense of hope.

America is happy. We have a President that actually cares. However, the “Progressive iron triangle of the New York media, L.A. culture machine, and Washington’s beltway corruption (read on Bill Whittle's idea)" is not happy. And they are doing their very best to take the smiles off our faces. Worse, the Chinese now own many of the Hollywood studios and hold the contracts to these celebrities. None of us really can say what is included in those contracts, and how many of these celebrities may actually be fulfilling contract obligations by “representing the interests of the shareholders to the public” and voicing destabilizing opinions towards our fairly, and democratically elected President.

Here we are, three months into President Donald J. Trump’s first term, and still no complete Presidential Cabinet. What are we supposed to think? The incessant bashing of the progressive media has no collusion with the Democrats and Republicans propped up by donors? What a filthy swamp that place is. They know good and well President Trump is somewhat less scheming and treacherous than the usual leatherneck, corrupt beltway insider, they know he would benefit from his Cabinet members to put things in action. They are keeping him in a bureaucratic cocoon, like Frodo Baggins in “Lord of The Rings: Return of the King” getting bit by the giant spider Shelob (Chuck Schumer) after being led in by Gollum (Paul Ryan and/or Mitch McConnell). I pray that Samwise Gamgee ( Vice President Mike Pence) himself can’t sign Executive Orders, but can carry him signing Executive Orders.

After just burning out on the constant drama of Breitbart (sorry Breitbart, I love you, but I gotta say this) quoting Michael Moore, Chuck Schumer, Rachel Maddow, Lindsay Lohan, Ahmed the Clockboy, and everyone else with a negative opinion, and instead, tuning into The White House Briefing Room, I’ve changed. My life is somewhat boring now: “-Oh, more jobs, better economic indicators, happier people again this week, …just like last week, and the week before that. President Trump’s doing great, *yawn* *eat dinner now*.” Yes, I know, he’s fighting tooth and nail against a weird Congress, but all Presidents have to fight. Sure, I thought the Republicans we voted in would be less hostile. But they’re politicians; they can’t be trusted.

In summary, it is Hollywood and the MSM in their own tizzy. We’re all doing great, they’re still crying over the loss and are kicking up every bit of dust they can. And, let’s not deny our right side of the fence media doesn’t enjoy fanning those flames just a little more than we’d like: tension spells good ad revenue, on both sides of the fence. True, we need to stay informed, but who cares what Chrissy Teigen or John Legend thinks? They have only one vote too, why amplify their negativity? Let’s talk to a steel worker or small business owner. There’s far more people like that in this world, and that counts for something.

We want to enjoy this victory. If someone doesn’t agree with what has happened in the real world, if their sky is falling, so what? That’s their problem. The sky is sunny and bright.

Chicken Little

the Based Stick Man defends Trump supporters in Berkeley

March 8th, 2017 - Based Stick Man

Just some quick support to the ‘Based Stick Man’. This is guy is an overnight sensation, and much deserved. Truth of Trump wouldn’t be a true Trump supporting website without offering support to this fine gentleman of utmost courage and valor. While folks like me were enjoying a peaceful and positive March 4th Trump Rally Day here in San Diego, the based Stick Man aka Kyle Chapman, showed up at the Berkeley, California Trump Rally and was fighting off the bad guys. Aquaman, Batman, The Fantastic Four, have nothing on this guy. His super power is his fierce sense of justice, law, and protecting the innocent, -along with a jumbo set of ‘cajones’. Based Stick Man donned full riot-protective gear and jumped into the hostile anti-Law and Order, anti-American Way Antifa crowd that was bent on denying the good Trump supporters their right to peacefully assemble and enjoy the afternoon supporting the democratically elected President Donald J. Trump.

I definitely don’t like violence at any assembly. But what choice are we left with when our peaceful assembly, our Constitutional right, is denied? Also, this is the second major infringement of civil rights that has occurred in Berkeley where the local police did not defend the peaceful gatherers' civil rights of lawful assembly, or at least not in timely fashion. This same thing occurred at the Milo speech just a month ago. The city failed to put police officers in place when they knew full well there were to be hostile thugs trying to cause harm. With this incident, several reports point out that the police failed to stop the onset of violence, as if following some higher command to allow Antifa to seriously disrupt and harm the assembly attendees. Is San Francisco such a corrupt, non-law-abiding city that their police can't even do what police are tasked to do? Keep the peace and protect the public? I wonder just how twisted that city leadership has become.

This man Mr. Kyle Chapman, he stood up for the American Way.

Donate here to his legal defense fund

Kyle Chapman

March 1st, 2017 - The First Joint Session of Congress

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 President Donald J. Trump stepped into the boiler room of our nation’s leadership, and addressed the Congressional Joint Session with trademark conviction, common sense, and positive energy. The Republicans, Democrats, Supreme Court judges, the President’s Cabinet, and military leaders were all in the same room to hear, altogether, the man that America has sent them with a clear message: “We the People.”

The President, under enormous pressure and rumor of trolling and disruption, didn’t miss a beat. First the campaigning, then the election, then the President–elect challenges, then Tom Brady in the Superbowl’s third quarter, the 2016 Chicago Cubs in the tenth inning, now President Trump in the lion’s den. No wonder cable networks are losing viewers; real life is all the excitement we can take.

The President opened with acknowledging Black History month, and put it in the perspective of how this is a only beginning, not a resting point. The icy chill of the Democrats was thankfully thawed, and they honestly seemed to warm at that point. They still maintained stoicism, true, but maybe sensed this was a Republican President that was truly working hard to reach out to them. This man in front of them had fought the most epic of battles to stand where he did. Trump is a champion par excellence, and he was reaching out to them, he was asking for their understanding. He did so, but still maintained control of the room when some dissention broke out with firmness in his voice that said, ‘I’m empathetic, but I have something to say, and it will be said.’ –the room immediately gave the floor to this battle-tested man. Anybody in America, or even the world, the whole world, knows this man is tough as nails, and whip-smart to survive what he did. It was respected.

President Trump addressing the First Joint Session of Congress

I have to be honest; the Democrats surprised me in light of the rumors of trolling and disrespect that was murmured about leading up to this address. Then there was the salvo President Trump let loose across Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s bow just on the eve. Combined with rumors of Meryl Streep being in attendance, Hollywood’s most current weapon of choice against our president, I didn’t know what to expect. However, honestly, they showed respect, they listened; they clapped, and joined in some of the standing ovations. There is hope.

I myself had a few take-homes in this. First, I will always watch future Presidential speeches directly at It had a clear, uninterrupted stream, no slanted media commentary like book ends, and started and ended when the speech did. Thank you. Second, I found I was quite expecting the very worst after reading news critical of Democrats leading up to this. I’m not sure what transpired, or if disruption of the event was really being considered, but they conducted themselves in a leadership fashion. I will not let my guard down, but I always return respect and no ill will when it is given. Thank you. Third and lastly, watching him speak, I witnessed once again:

Patriots Never Quit.

President Trump speaking to Congress February 28, 2017
Bishop McElroy asks Catholics to resist our president's policies

February 26th, 2017 - To A Lost Shephard Bishop

Your Excellency,

There it was, a news article on your World Meeting of Popular Movements, and in this news report were your unmistakable words, that we should resist President Trump.

It’s taken me quite a while to react to this, mainly because after thoroughly reading up, and hearing President Trump explain out his policies, and then reading your unhinged, vastly erroneous statement, I am perplexed at how someone so mistaken can hold any sort of position in the Church, but now I’m ready.

I’m not going to mince words here. I’m not going to get verbose. We both know our stuff about the Catholic Church, let’s just get this smackdown over. This will just be a quick, direct statement on why you, Bishop McElroy of the Diocese of San Diego are entirely wrong.

First, I have attended Catholic Church in the Diocese of San Diego my entire life. I remember Bishop Maher, I have met Bishop Brom, I met Bishop Flores briefly twice, and I have met you in person. For a person such as yourself professing to stand up for the working man, you were by far the least warm and most hesitant to even shake my out stretched hand. Actually, you looked at me like you loathed being bothered by a random Latino parishioner that you didn’t have time to waste addressing. I immediately, immediately felt as though you were not a true “people person.” My instincts serve me very well.

So, who am I? Let’s just say I’m educated by the diocese, I’m respected as very knowledgeable about the Church, and I know just about everyone you do there at Paducah Drive. Just a little secret? Most there at the Diocese, and in the pews, are not impressed either. Hint? Listen more to your Vicar General and Chancellor down the office hall. They know their stuff, you don’t. You following in the footsteps of great men like Bishop Brom and Bishop Flores is an insult. You’re not a man of the Catholic Church, you’re a politically partisan San Francisco hippy with a bath and clean clothes.

Now, about what you said:

Our Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that every country has a right to control its borders. Every country has an obligation to take in persecuted refugees. But what is going on here, both in the Middle East, and here in the Southwestern United States is migration for financial gain, and migration for criminal activity. These people are taking it upon themselves to do this. Nobody is forcing them, nor even asking them to get up and leave. Bishop McElroy, you are sadly mistaken. President Trump does have every single right to do this.

Now that we see this control of borders is a country’s right, and is by no means against any Church teaching, -are we not, by the same Catechism of the Catholic Church, to follow our leader’s fair laws? Yes, it’s right there in black and white: we are to be good citizens and contribute to the peace and prosperity of our country.

See, President Trump has explained out exactly, we all see exactly, why illegal immigration needs to be put back under law and order. There are serious crimes that go on. There is identity theft, there is auto theft, there is the spiraling cost of insurance to meet this loss, there are our children, there is human trafficking, there is prostitution, there are terrorist threats taking advantage of this porous border. President Trump’s policies are not, I repeat, are not rooted in xenophobia and religious prejudice (as you clearly and mistakenly stated). His policies do not target Muslims in Indonesia, Myanmar, or Saudi Arabia, they target countries that have high levels of terrorizing extremists and have passed through ISIS-issued fake-Visas by the thousands. Even Saudi Arabia themselves, a Muslim country just expelled 40,000 suspect immigrants. See, you are blind, veritably blind, to any error you commit with your obtuse statements.

Further, if you were to ever attend a Trump Rally, you would see all the nationalities that strongly support his very logical and smart policies. Huge numbers of Latinos and Blacks support President Trump. This is so simple and easy to see, all you have to do is be there and your statement falls apart. Latinos/Hispanics in this country want control at the borders.

You want to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and tend to the sick? Go down to 16th and Imperial Avenue. There are so many hungry, sick and exposed that even Father Joe’s Villages can help them all. If that’s not enough, drive up to Los Angeles, or San Francisco. No part in the Bible or the Catechism does it say you get more treasures in Heaven if they don’t speak English.

Basically, your erroneous advice doesn’t agree with The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and it doesn’t agree with our United States of America civil code. So what does it agree with? Is this your personal McElroy Code? You know, the one you fit so well in, up in San Francisco, where you were born, and became an Auxiliary Bishop? That is, after you were fully indoctrinated by radical leftist agenda at mid-Seventies upper-echelon schools? See, that’s precisely it. You’re a product from deep in the belly of the anti-American bubble known as academic Sixties and Seventies San Francisco, who brought us drugs, runaways, bacchanalian lust, draft dodgers and pan-handling as a legitimate professional career.

Your system has failed, -many times over. The Church will not be your new tool of influence. You are trying to tell people more socially wise than you to follow your obtuse socialist globalist elitist-feeding dream. I question why you were sent to San Diego, part of Pope Francis’ agenda to manipulate Catholics (unsuccessfully) in California?

There is such a strong parallel between you and the increasingly isolated elitist Hollywood crowd. Tactless, disrespectful entertainers like Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, etc. read lines directors give them, surrounded by the guilded technical machinery of film making. With so much attention drawn to them, the entertainers then somehow feel they can force their uneducated, biased, self-serving whims on the audience. You, likewise, read lines given to you by Church Fathers, surrounded by our Tradition rich and far-spanning Church Militant. You then somehow think you can use your position to pontificate your liberal San Fransisco-bred views to us as if we have no political knowledge of our own. We do have knowledge, obviously more than you, and more tact as well. It's the laity's job to represent the Church in the secular matters of the world, not the other way around.

A further parallel in this is the way the good and patriotic people of the United States have had to work around leaders like former president Obama and Nancy Pelosi that only wish to cause more division and confusion in a people straining for unity and happiness, people now listen to those they know are more direct and honest, calling for unity. Likewise, the faithful laity are surrounded with murderers that actually sell baby parts below them and division and confusion causing leaders like you in front of them. We have learned to turn to different sources and trust our Sensus Fidei, keeping closer together and valuing each other, instead of your distorted, politicized, dishonest message.

This San Diego Diocese has experienced enough tragedy; the abuse scandals, priest scandals, the premature death of our beloved Bishop Flores. We don't need any more division, hurt, and confusion. We need some time to heal here. And, look what you do: show up and tell us to act in a way not with doctrine nor good citizenship. Go away.

And what about contributing to sin? People get across, honest God-loving citizens get killed. Did you not contribute indirectly to their deaths? Misleading your flock? Telling them it was all okay? The Catechism clearly addresses this. You conveniently leave that out, don’t you?

And what about following true, well-formed conscience? -Also in our Catechism of the Catholic Church. What about if I know dangerous elements are taking advantage of a porous border, and innocent will suffer? What if I know in my heart those workers are being exploited by large agri-businesses and are not being given benefits. What about domestic home workers working extended hours also for no benefits and a fixed wage? And those paying them are not paying their fair share of business taxes? -Also against the Catechism under adhering to contracts. There are just so many areas you are incorrect.

Yes, I did hear IHRadio's (I Heart Radio Broadcasting) "Setting things Right", claiming my stance takes you out of context, that you are a victim of the media. No, you're not. All of us pointing this out see it clearly. I myself get feedback here from Catholics saying they are embarrassed by what you are publicly saying here. "Setting Things Right's" Deacon Jim and his staff, so used to pontificating from the radio room in the second floor of the San Diego Diocese usually correct in their stance on most Catholic teaching, are trying to find a way to spin this as to come out correct. -It can't be done. You're being called out for good reason; it's in black and white. You are incorrect and against Catholic teaching. You are misleading your flock, or at least attempting to mislead, very much so.

We will not follow you. You see, as Michael Voris so clearly points out here, we have a choice. President Trump is bringing back common sense, and respect for everybody and their safety. His policies are far, far more grounded in truth than yours will ever be. Sorry. Good day. Thank you.

Bishop McElroy, Your Excellency, I hear the witches are holding a spell casting ceremony to impede our President as well. Why not join the witches? You seem to be on their same side.

Same team?

Betsy DeVos

February 13th, 2017 - School Choice

Finally, giving people a true choice, a true opportunity for betterment.

This has been the president’s focus, and this can be said about President Donald Trump’s Appointment of Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education. The dust the media has kicked up in this appointment is not about Betsy DeVos against concerned parents. It is not about President Donald Trump versus the kids this time. The dust kicked up with her appointment, and the thugs blocking her fair passage into a D.C. public school is about the same old struggle: A force of reforming change, Betsy DeVos and President Trump versus the huge, unchallenged, bloated, controlling public school unions that do not want to allow their turf to be intruded, their purse strings to be shared.

The primary motive force in this appointment is school vouchers. That is, to allow kids to finally have a choice of attending a better school, a private school, and bringing in competition between public schools and private schools to offer better choices, and for parents to be the benefactor of that choice.

For so long public school kids have never had a chance to choose any option but the one tossed to them by the Teacher’s Union, no other. This is about bringing choice back to the people, and allowing those kids a choice.

The Teachers Union, at least in the entire Southwestern United States, is one of the most powerful unions that exist. it has rarely been challenged or required to do anything that it wished not to. This union has seen school student enrollments only marginally increase, 5% or so in some cases, and has seen its staff increase by 95%. It has created position after position to put its cronies and union members in place, and not so much allowing those funds to go to the kids. The Teacher’s Union knows what it faces if Betsy Devos has a chance to free up parental choice: a painful fat-trimming session, and a union that will finally have to work towards improving its product instead of pushing around teachers and parents that have no other choice, and are required to comply with their every demand. Even here in San Diego a school district, levered by the Teacher’s Union, uninvited itself to attend a meeting with Betsy DeVos, the new head of the Department of Education. This is something any sensible school would love o embrace. The union is that coercive.

This is what private schools have waited so long for, especially Christian schools, to offer students the chance to finally attend a school that really cares about their success. Private schools have completely favored this appointment; they know how those kids of public school parents will thrive in a good system.

On television, carefully covered by a hungry mainstream media, you will hear adult screaming as Betsy DeVos approaches their blockades. What you are seeing is organized, bloated, labor unions fighting for their last breath. This was very similar to the pre-election AFL-CIO backing of Clinton. However, the AFL-CIO finally woke up and saw that it was President Donald Trump’s policies that would benefit them, lavishing praise post-election. The old, bloated Teacher’s Union members won’t be so lucky, because this time it will be the parents and excellent new, younger teachers that will heartily thank President Donald Trump.

And, that’s what education is all about, -those that hold the future.

Neil Gorsuch

February 3rd, 2017 - Going Nuclear

When mapping strategy to confirm Justice Gorsuch as an Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court, President Donald Trump told this to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell: "Go Nuclear."

Both, conservative and liberal talk radio reflected on this idea. There was a loose consensus mentioned that, in the future, we may never know what situation will be. In twenty or forty years from now we may have to rely on Democrats returning the favor of fair treatment. They surmised that we should not shift on earlier agreed upon processes to place Justice Gorsuch, simply because we can, within the rules.

Talk radio and some of the pundits still have not fully realized what we are dealing with. I, personally, would love to see debate, some form of cooperation, and a civilized airing of differences. But we’re not going to get that. Not close. After really looking at the big picture, the really big picture, Trump is right. There really is no expecting any sort of civility from the Democrats.

Look at what has transpired: They skewed the debates, they gave Clinton the questions, they tampered with Donald Trump’s microphone, they rigged their nomination process, they had the media spread lies for them, they underhandedly tried to disrupt peaceful rally gatherings, they cheated in Broward County, Florida, they had dead people’s ballots filled out, they endlessly challenged the election any way they could, they have condoned the violence aimed at those supporting our president, and Democrat congress officials have told their constituents that they will oppose President Donald Trump all they can, for the entirety of their terms, some refused to be present at the Presidential Inauguration. They have crackpot Democrats trying to split California from the union, and now they are doing everything they can to hinder cabinet appointees.

They have gone nuclear, they launched, -a long time ago. We are debating within our camp to use tools still within honesty and rule of law. They have stepped outside rules, honesty, and truth. If this situation were reversed, they wouldn't hesitate using means within acceptability to get a Supreme Court nominee placed. As it is now, they don't hesitate using means outside the rules. President Trump sees this. In light of all they have done, all of it, what in all of this would leave someone to believe they will act with civility, fairness, and honesty if the choice was theirs? There is no sign of cooperation here. Not even a little bit. They should not be allowed a protracted fight to gather momentum in this appointee to the Supreme Court. Trump is right, make it quick, let’s keep this good thing going.

Please don't let the shorthand term "nuclear" that somewhat connotates destruction deter sound and proper action. It is an allowable action within the sphere of government process. This is the real world. These people are not playing nice. These people only want to inflict, stall, undermine, and agitate as much as possible, however possible. There are times you give people a chance to ‘come around and be sensible’, and there are times you get the job done. Go nuclear, and be thankful we can.

It’s business.

Jan 30th, 2017 - Thank You

First, I want to say thank you to all of you fellow Trump supporters. You defied the incessant maligning of Candidate Donald Trump by the media. You stood your ground. You saw through the endless barrage of negativity by the opposing candidate, the media, the mainstream media, the celebrities that were closely tied to the elitist machine, and the protestors that thought violence would somehow influence you.

Please, congratulate yourself. Congratulate Donald Trump and his family for fearlessly remaining steady in the middle of this political and social storm. Relative opinion moves, changes, but the truth never moves. It is the truth, it shouldn’t, it can’t. The truth is always innately rock solid. This is the Truth of Trump.

Months prior to creating this site, I had shown my support at the San Diego Trump rally, and had signed up for Trump Talk. But, very soon I realized the phone calling idea was not for me to be my most effective self. Sometimes the calls would stretch for longer than I wanted, sometimes they would dissolve into political discussions. I had to find a better way.

I launched this website, and in promoting it, I quickly saw how heavy handed Google and YouTube were playing their cards and how underhanded Democrat David Brock’s ‘Correct The Record’ (CTR) were involving themselves in a multitude of forums and bulletin boards. I had to resort to very grassroots, low key, fast-moving, constantly changing, unpredictable methods that addressed geographic areas and people in a personal manner. Using my programming and web skills I used a number of unconventional methods, carefully targeting geographic areas with timeliness and a mapped out sequence. In the final week I especially focused on Pennsylvania, which I found very tough to promote within, and then fell back and put all energies into every city in Michigan. Michigan was a final last stand of grueling, non-stop, marathon of emails and outreaches for me. I took extreme gladness and relief when on election night Michigan fell in Trumps favor. I was exhausted, sleepy, malnourished, but full of happiness. I have rarely been so exhausted in all my life. Just for needed perspective and reference, my total emails were in the low six digit numbers, but very precisely timed and targeted. This included at least seventy custom Adobe graphics amongst other efforts to accompany this effort.

Into the fight, I had learned quite a bit of information about David Brock’s Correct the Record organization, quite a bit. It was clearly a well-organized, concerted, delegated, sectored, fueled by big money, and I can even admit, intimidating organization. Washington, DC apartments were being purchased for $200,000 for these savvy web operators to live in while they did their best to twist opinion on the internet. I got the impression many of these Correct The Record hires were planning to stay on in Washington to work as interns and related. They were dug in deep.

I was surprised to see how many answered emails, clicked links, and sent me supportive emails. I felt a true kinship with many folks in Saginaw, Bay City, Michigan, Council Bluffs, Iowa, all over. I witnessed an underlying American sentiment that was defying the media onslaught, a true gutsiness that left me having much pride in the people my country. I felt the very real presence of being countered by large, big money agencies backing the ‘Clinton Machine’.

With all their big money, with so many battles raging on so many levels: the two candidates in public, the backers, the FBI, WikiLeaks, China, Mexico, Israel, the UK, the CIA, the internet news sites, and little tiny guys like me dodging and weaving the big money internet silencers, we all know what a phenomenal victory it was. It didn’t come cheap. And that’s why I am saying this now: President Donald Trump still needs us. He felt support and motivation from our support. And, now as then, we must continue this effort. This site will do just that:

Support the Truth of Trump.

The Truth of Trump Pre-Election mailer banner

National Security

Security encompasses alertness to the current situation, wise counter-measures, the preparedness of our military, and the ability to put light on what some Americans would like to just ignore.

Trump sees these threats and identifies them clearly. He has the support and input from respected military personnel. We are dealing with an enemy that is different than the Cold War scenario we used to face. Antiquated thinking will not work in this modern landscape; Trump has the good instincts, acumen and resolve to field our forces in a tactically successful method.

“Domestic tranquility” is a hallmark of American society. Trump sees what is necessary to retain that. Voters shouldn’t just think of the Southwestern border with Mexico as a passage that only residents of Mexico make their way through to gain entrance into the United States. Chinese, Pakistani, Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi, Tunisian, and Egyptian nationals are routinely apprehended there. I being a San Diego resident, and having worked with security clearance at the international border crossing, have seen this with my very eyes. His call for border reinforcement is very needed and overdue.

On the other hand, no matter how much their side tries to refute it, Hillary Clinton has shown almost no regard for the structure, or a respect for national security. By completely disregarding security protocol, she handed over classified United States documents to hackers and their governments. Her very own documents, she felt were secure, are now freely available for anyone to view in the world. Not only did she use her own personal home computer (server) to hold confidential and secret United States documents, but numerous non-secure devices as well. She and her cohorts later crudely destroyed these devices with a hammer. Her closest advisor, Huma Abedin, a lifelong Saudi Arabian citizen and follower of Islam, who co-headed an anti-American Islamic journal for nearly a decade, had ready access to these phones holding confidential/secret information.

Hillary further displayed her completely poor judgement and lack of regard for American intelligence information when, on national television during the third presidential debate, divulged closely held data about the American nuclear ballistic program. She did so without any hesitation, or even being aware of what she was doing.

The Trump / Pence Endorsements

  • U.S. Border Patrol organization
  • ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • The National Rifle Association
  • The Police Officer's Union
  • 200 Prominent Generals and Admirals
  • 22 Medal of Honor recipients
  • Church leaders of all backgrounds

The State of the Economy

When we say “Economy”, we would like to talk about how our country is doing, that is, the whole country and everybody in it. If the “Economy” only represents a fraction, then it is not truly indicative of our current state. Right now 94 million Americans are out of the workforce, many more are working only part time with no benefits, or grossly underemployed.

An unemployment rate of approximately 5% is deceiving. This is only the people now collecting unemployment, only the people still in the 6-month collection window. Only they count as unemployed. The number that has “fallen off” the back end of the 6-month collection window is staggering, and is what makes up the bulk of the 94 million not in the workforce.

Trump mentions this in his speeches. This is truth, it needs to be confronted. These people can’t just be forgotten. As jobs continue to leave the United States, employers switch to part-timers, and minimum wage increases, the unemployed are finding a dismal experience in trying to re-enter the workforce.

Trump knows the inner cities need hope, and families are built upon stable incomes, not the handouts the Democrats offer every four years. The cities that see the biggest crime jumps are the cities that have seen their industrial centers collapse. Before the election, internet site “Linked In” routinely trended articles on United States sectors of industrial work that would see decrease. One thing they didn’t say is where the jobs would be going: Mexico, China and the Southeast Asian countries. This includes fundamental bedrock jobs in sheet metal, textiles, appliances, all the things America used to make domestically.

It should also be noted that with every factory that leaves, the accessory jobs go with it: janitors, restaurants, maintenance, uniforms, furniture, and everything else a company needs to sustain itself.

Trump sees the truth of all this. He tells us what we need to know. Anyone even halfway observant can see the Mainstream Media is trying to bury this truthful picture, but it can’t stay buried any longer.

The Polls

The polls are absolutely no indication of the public sentiment.

Most all these polls are starting out with small, pre-sampled, Democrat-heavy samples. Usually, samples are taken of about 1,000 persons with 28% being “strong Democrats” and 17% being strong Republicans. The polls are set up to give close to 50/50 results with the edge to Democrats via the pre-loading ratio of strong Democrats to Strong Republicans. The polls also ignore crossover “Trumpocrats”.

The “undecideds” they pick are notoriously wishy-washy individuals to begin with. After a year of hearing the platforms and issues, basically any normal person has a pretty certain idea of who they will vote for two weeks before the election. To have a sampling group of 1,000 to as few as 500 (i.e. CNN) “undecideds” is basically a useless indicator in a nation of 340,000,000 intelligent people. It’s basically like the “Chicken Shit Bingo in Austin, Texas” (the Chicken eats, then poops on the bingo squares). It’s just not realistic.

What these slanted, heavily promoted polls accomplish though is more in the psychological realm. The Democratic Committee knows it is having trouble getting people motivated. These polls are designed and promoted to build tension and excitement to motivate their base. They are engineered to get Democrats tense and thinking their candidate is actually near a 50% mark.

Any poll that is open to all United States individuals, and closed to international interference (i.e. Breitbart’s Third Debate Poll was heavily bombarded from outside the United States) predictably displays the public’s overwhelming support for Trump. This happens over and over in various forms: after debates, crowd turnouts, number of private individuals donating, these numbers are never near equal and carry the true, larger indicator that disagrees with the storyline the Mainstream Media relentlessly forces upon us.


ISIS, The Islamic State, is an extremely serious concern. It is only being talked about by Trump.

ISIS is an extreme Sunni Muslim sect trying to establish an empire in the Middle East. They are attempting to over-run every government in disagreement with their imposed system. To do this they need money, to get money they need something they can sell: oil and drugs. They are intensely focused on maintaining a hold on oil rich countries: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and the opium (heroin) rich country of Afghanistan. The opium can make its way into the U.S. via the southwest border, Europe, and now the Islamists are pushing into the Asian countries. Hence, President Duterte’s call to stop the growing epidemic any way possible.

Trump sees this. He wants a border that must be reinforced if we are to keep this out. He wants to work with Russia that has already made excellent progress in stopping ISIS. He wants to use better strategies to use our forces more effectively and strategically. He has the full support of over 200 United States military Generals and Admirals. He will be able to surround himself with the very best advisors.

Hillary Clinton has basically created ISIS. She toppled Libya’s Khaddafi, which allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, then ISIS, to gain a stronghold in Libya and their vast oil reserves to fund their militia. Khaddafi, like Assad, was well liked by the modern secular and Christian communities. It was the Islamic fundamentalists, the precursors to ISIS, that did not want him in power. Libya was a terrible mistake, Hillary Clinton’s mistake. Syria is a situation very much like Libya, yet Hillary wants to topple Assad as well. She wants the oil freed up and sold by ISIS. A rag tag militia will always sell oil cheaper than a stable government like Assad’s. She does not care who suffers, what Christians and women die or are raped, as long as her globalist friends get their cheaply priced oil.

The Challenge of the Office

The ability to stay focused through long days with little rest is essential to being a good world leader.

By displaying exceptional energy throughout his life, and building an excellent business, Donald Trump has proven he has the tough mind and health to accomplish presidential tasks. He has built his success on treating people well, this is key to negotiation, where human personal interaction facilitates better policy and business. Trump has been accused irresponsibly by the Hollywood elitists, but they are speaking with no grounds, with no education, and with no reason or logic. Actors usually have little to no education, much less in the political science field. Actors read their lines as they are told, singers make up catchy melodies, nowhere in this do they have a right to ridicule a hardworking person that cares for American workers.

Hillary Clinton has clearly displayed health concerns. Just being out in the sun too long made her pass out, falling to the ground. When she did pass out, she refused to go to a hospital for fear of the public learning of any of her health issues. She is hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) and needs to take synthetic thyroid medication. Anyone familiar with this knows that not having the medication in as little as 24 hours can lead to mental confusion and forgetfulness. This would leave her Islamic anti-American journal editing advisor Huma Abedin in a position to dictate American policy in a very powerful manner.

Her eye movements show clear mental health irregularities. Her blank outs while giving speeches leaves us asking questions. Her quickly fading stamina within an hour, after four days of rest leading up to all the debates leaves questions as to her low energy and chronic fatigue. These are hardly questions. They are plain, honest observations of her poor health and abilities. This is a woman who claims to have so much experience over her opponent, yet needed 400% more time to prepare, and may have cheated at that, only to lose all three. In these debates she gave wrong answers, could not answer simple questions, and divulged an American intel secret.

Her current poor health must be also be considered with her past poor health: blood clots in her brain, deep vein thrombosis, ongoing dehydration spells due to her poor health habits, soiling herself, needing help to walk up simple steps, losing balance, two falling episodes, one that resulted in a broken elbow, the other with a concussion. She has now been seen with a gash on her face, and will not answer questions about it.

Vice President

The position of Vice President is very important. If say, Hillary were to be left out in the sun too long, became unconscious, and fell over onto the curb, losing her shoe, then her Vice President would be called upon. This is not so far-fetched, as it actually happened just two months ago.

Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Mike Pence has proven to be a solid man who can voice himself clearly and run his state of Indiana effectively and efficiently. He has universal respect amongst governors and has proven to be an excellent team player.

Timothy Kaine is the Governor of Virginia. He also says he is a professed Catholic. Tim Kaine believes the Catholic Church will change very soon to accommodate his personal beliefs. Tim Kaine also believes he should support the killing of a baby in its mother’s womb at nine months pregnancy. Tim Kaine has been proven all these beliefs of his are clearly, and categorically wrong, fictitious, and thrown out by several Catholic Bishops. Tim Kaine may attend church regularly, but he doesn’t understand his very own faith. He fails to grasp key concepts within the Catholic Church.

As a devout Catholic myself, and having completed the three and a half year Catechetical Ministries (Master Catechist Candidate) certification, I can say Tim Kaine does not understand nor comprehend key concepts in the very faith he professes to believe. I can say this with some knowledge and weight. He may believe in something, but it’s not the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign has made many unproven and vague remarks about Trump’s demeanor, but it was Tim Kaine’s strange, hyperactive, repetitive, accusatory debate behavior that clearly displayed his unthinking, bizarre, uncouth, nervous rabbit-like behavior.

Donor Support

Trump is very proud of the fact that most of his donors, the vast majority, are typical caring Americans, like you and I. His campaign is being ran with common sense and mindful spending. He has not taken money from special interest groups or countries contrary to American sovereignty. He has more small individual donors than any other candidate in United States history. This fully disproves the Mainstream Media that he is an “unliked” candidate. It really is only the Mainstream Media that is trying to force this dislike image. This election is not about the “worse of two evils”, Trump’s supporters, more than half of America, truly like Trump. They prove this in their interaction with him at his rallies. If it were the “worse of two evils” that the Mainstream Media promotes, the attendance would not be near what it is, The number of his citizen individual private donor numbers would not be as numerous as it is. The truth is, these donors say it all; Donald Trump is representing us fairly and how we wish to be represented, so we support him.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign has been proven to taking $100 Million in funds for her campaign from the Islamic Saudi Arabian government, more from the Chinese, and Wall Street Hedge Fund operators. Very little of her campaign funding comes from concerned voters. Her goal is to have as much derogatory browbeating ads about Donald Trump on television, radio, and paper press as possible. This campaign model she follows allows her to rest at home, while the Mainstream Media carries her negative ads day and night, relentlessly.

Hillary Clinton claims to support women’s rights, but she is taking donations from countries that throw gays of buildings alive, burn, stone, and beat women to death, do not allow women to leave the house without getting their husband’s or eldest son’s permission, are not allowed to drive, and force young girls to marry very aged old men.

Hillary Clinton has no hesitation to be subject and slave to donors who demean, kill, and rape women, taking their money and supporting their cause.

The Mainstream Media Bias

Just twenty years ago, ownership of 90% of the media, all we watch, hear, and read was spread out over 50 companies. Today, 90% of the media is owned by only 6 companies: Viacom, NewsCorp, General Electric, Disney, Time-Warner and CBS.

These companies have huge ownership and investments in China and Chinese dependent companies. They have turned their backs on America, and put their wealth in America’s rivals. As this election approached, the big money elitists saw this coming. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post, The big money Democrat Los Angeles Times purchased the San Diego Union Tribune, and Fox news ousted Roger Ailes, replacing him with the liberal Democrat/Green Party donors, the Murdoch brothers. Fox news now routinely cites slanted Washington Post polls

Further angering the elitist Mainstream Media was Trump’s refusal to pour large sums of negative ad money into media campaigns. This financial boost is always welcomed by the big Mainstream Media as mudslinging politicians account for millions in ad revenue.

Incorporated into this slanted campaign to prevent Trump’s success were the Hollywood celebrities signed on to these studios. It is no surprise the very highest paid actors and actresses have insulted this candidate to no end. These are people that, just before the election, went to his gatherings and enjoyed his friendship. Jennifer Lawrence, Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus are some of the very highest of the highly paid Hollywood entertainers. This is no coincidence. These people share nothing in common with the average working American, instead living gilded lives in Hollywood mansions.

"A lie told often enough becomes truth" – Vladimir Lenin, Marxist revolutionary

"Tell a lie a hundred times and it becomes the truth" –Goebbels, propaganda officer for Adolf Hitler, 1939

This is the Mainstream Media playbook. Constantly, relentlessly, unceasingly, completely, in lockstep, denouncing Trump.

This is classic brainwashing: remove the reference points that give the person an anchor of truth, and build a new, false “reality” in their minds. Have you noticed how Hillary Clinton supporters act when challenged? They lose any ability to hear a counter argument, usually reacting with shutting down or rage. This is because their false “reality” is being challenged at a deep level.

**Note: if you view the speeches on ABC's YouTube "RBC" feed please understand that this feed has been found to be edited and tampered with. Some of his speech content is dishonestly edited out.


Experience can be gained quickly, but character takes a lifetime to chisel.

Donald Trump has ethics, morals, and a goodness to his character that has allowed him success. He consults when wanting more clarification, and exercises prudent judgement. He has the support of the military’s best.

Every president uses advisors, but the impact the president has is seen when that president has the energy to be present, take part, and monitor what is going on. Trump has deftly proven this over and over. Hillary has proven that she is outside the loop on many memos, and she doesn’t consider wise advice even when it’s given. Her experience has proven to be dismal, and turning one’s back on mandated security protocol, against the advice of her closest advisors displays terrible experience in judgement. No question, this can’t be countered!

The “experience” Democrat talking point is hypocrisy at its best. It is Hillary Clinton who unceasingly has Islamic dual citizenship (Saudi Arabia / United States) advisor Huma Abedin with her every minute of every day to offer advice. If Hillary Clinton’s experience is such an asset, why can’t she make simple decisions without aides, advisors, polls, and constant focus groups? She simply has no ability to decide on the gut level, she has proven terrible instincts, and doesn’t trust her own judgement.

Further, what good is experience if Hillary needs constant bedrest? It is her Islamic advisor that will be making most of her decisions, probably more so than the Vice President. And, what good is experience, if someone is dishonest and tends towards corruption? Experience in “knowing the system/ gaming the system” is a huge red flag for Americans if this person is allowed to exercise that ability. At least a novice will be spotted quickly; a career system gamer with her people “in place” will go unseen and is more difficult to bring to justice.

H-1B Visas

Americans need jobs, in manual labor, industry and middle class technical jobs.

The topic of H-1B Visas has been neglected and has very serious consequences if left ignored. Donald Trump wants to reform and put the brakes on rampant H-1B issuances. Hillary Clinton wants near unlimited H-1B issuances, much like her open border initiatives.

The intended original purpose of the H-1B Visa was to invite foreign workers if there was a demand for that specialized skill and the American company cannot fill that position. However, with the onset of the Obama/Clinton/Soros globalist push, it has now become a standard process for bringing in cheaper labor to replace educated American science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), nursing, medical doctors, medical staff, etc. workers.

Companies that wish to have disposable (two year replacement intervals) skilled labor at a fraction of the cost are now routinely exploiting these H-1B Visa programs. H-1B Visas combined with Obama’s Student Visa programs: F-1/OPT (12 months extended) or F-1/ STEM-OPT (17 months extended), entry level, and intermediate level jobs, are denying jobs from American workers. These entry level jobs are badly needed. Re-entering students, self-educated Americans, job transitioning young workers all rely on these jobs.

With these F-1numbers expanding to the hundreds of thousands, added to the annual (EACH YEAR) 600,000+ H-1B Visas, Americans are finding these valuable jobs given away to foreigners that visa-exploiting companies favor to pay lower wages to increase their profits. Further, these visa holders can bring accompanying family members to the U.S. work that further displaces American workers.

If America continues to abuse its own indigenous STEM oriented students with lack of opportunity and falling pay rates, soon STEM study will fall out of favor. If STEM education programs and involvement begins to wane and decrease, soon it will become a self-perpetuating cycle leading to America to rely, not only on foreign manufacturing, but foreign technology as well. This will lead to more espionage and trade secrets being lost to overseas competition as lower paid foreign national H-1B workers are susceptible to high dollar bribery. This is already apparent in the defense technology sector where it has occurred numerous times.

America First

Donald Trump is all about a better America, improving our country in which we live and work.

Donald Trump wants to do what every country does: provide for its citizens, give them safety, opportunity and a government they know represents them. This country has given vast amounts of money to foreign governments, special interest deals, jobs to foreigners, and extends military resources across the globe which we are not compensated for. This needs to stop. We are hemorrhaging resources we are running low on. We need to stay strong if we are to continue helping anyone at all in the first place.

Donald Trump is frequently targeted as a “racist” by the opposing candidate, this couldn’t be less true. I, for one, saw the Latino, Asian and African American supporters at his rally. I see the people perpetuating this are more loyal to the Mexican flag, or posting on the internet from foreign countries. They need to understand illegal immigration is just that: illegal. It’s not condoned in anyone’s book. It needs to be stopped. A porous border that presents illegal immigration as “kind of legal, kind of okay” will only lead to more deaths along it, more human trafficking, and more crime. America needs to sober up about what is happening and enforce the laws it has agreed upon. This is not racist by any means, and it should be noted that not only Mexican Nationals are coming across, but people from all over the world. Mexico itself is a having a problem with being the “gateway to America” country illegal immigrants from all over now see it as.

America has hard working people. Spending needs to reflect this and support these people. For too long, Americans have been told that giving our valuable resources away is what “America really is.” It’s not. America is about opportunity for those here, domestic tranquility for those here, safety and representation for those here. We are a sovereign country. Our forefathers worked hard for this, and so do we.


The individuals Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Angela Merkel, and the European Union leaders believe in Globalism. They are attempting to force this way of life upon us, both here and in Europe. Globalism is a decrease in the State/Country’s power, and an increase in global corporate power. It is the diminishing of borders to allow free movement into more prosperous countries. there is never a net flow into the poorer, more poverty stricken countries, except by corporations that wish to set up low paying, exploitive factories and maliquadoras.

The globalist elitists feel American and western European workers are “spoiled” and that immigrants should take our jobs. Thus, they want free entry of immigrants one way or another. This flow will be further boosted by the national increase in minimum wage. Our own American people, no matter what ethnicity, may never reap the reward or this hard earned victory as illegal numbers skyrocket from all over.

Globalism is a greed-motivated corporate dream. It has never been attempted until now. And, it has failed miserably just in these early years in the European Union. Immigrants, expected to work, are instead relying on social welfare to meet ends and threatening host countries with violence and the taking over of whole towns and cities. Serious culture clashes are arising, gays and women are being raped and killed. The globalists turn a blind eye to these things, silencing their voices in the Mainstream Media.

The countries Hillary Clinton wants to share open borders with (pretty much any and all countries) have not done enough to stop their domestic violence and problems. That is precisely why immigrants are coming here, to escape the violence. If the borders are opened, that will allow not only the victims fleeing to come here, but the violent perpetrators to come here as well. This would be suicide. Please understand this. I hope you do.

The American Constitution

The Constitution, that near and dear document that has never failed us for 240 years, is at stake in this election. It guarantees us our free speech, or ability to defend our homes and families, and our freedom of religion. It preserves this country’s greatness. Hillary Clinton has already pointed out she will attack it, and modify it. Hillary Clinton has stated that it is being “interpreted wrong”, that elements in it are “outdated”, that she and her advisors “know better”. She doesn’t. For instance, if we open our borders and take away our access to firearms, and criminals grow in number, which they will. Then, aren’t we just replicating Mexico’s problem: An unarmed populace living in fear of armed criminals? Do we really want this for ourselves and our children?

As Donald Trump has stated, we need to get back to what made this country what it was. We need to have faith in our Constitution, or military, our police. We need to rebuild in a common sense manner by putting America first. It is our country. We need to tend to it.

The Election

This is an extremely important election. Focusing on what’s critically important is paramount.

However, our Mainstream Media wants to distract us and discourage us by doing anything they can. We must stay focused.

Stay away from your television at this point. You will notice networks carrying news from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, all slanted and filled with such subtle repetitive innuendo. This can undermine clear thinking, it is intended to do just that.

Surround yourself with like minds and news sites. There are a few links on this site up above. Get fresh air. Stay out of the Mainstream Media rip currents, they will drag you out into deep waters filled with cleverly mapped out psychological strategies.

By all means get to the polls early. If having the option to use a paper ballot, do so. Watch what the machine tabulates after you vote. If it changes your vote, stand next to it and don’t leave it. Warn others even if you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t fall for media tricks of some expert saying Hillary already won, or that a precinct is closed, or that anyone has conceded. There are endless ploys and tricks that can be used to discourage and keep you from voting. You must vote no matter what, no matter what.

Bring three black ballpoint pens and Trump’s name written perfectly on a piece of paper as “Donald J. Trump” If you need to write-in, it needs to be written perfect. The other pens are for back up and to give to others. Stay outside lending your pens if necessary.

Keep your cell phone video app handy and ready to go, video any suspicion, video yourself asking questions if missing ballots.

If using punch cards, make sure there are no hanging chads, make sure it is seated on the two upper lock-in positioning prongs. Check the ballot when you remove it.

And lastly, appreciate what our Founding Fathers left you: A country made within borders and defended with honor and courage. Where, on this day, you are equal in power to the celebrities, to the pundits, to the Wall Street CEOs, and to the president.


To Current Hillary Supporters

This is a different election.

This election is no longer about Democrats and Republicans. It is about America keeping its identity, or fading into a global blur with disappearing borders.

It is clear Clinton has held numerous meetings with Goldman-Sachs, named Angela Merkel as her ideal, and is being supported almost solely by large, elite donors. She offers nothing, not a thing to the Latinos, Blacks, women, and disadvantaged. If anything, they stand to lose a great deal in this election. Most all unskilled and entry level jobs will be contested with amnesty-granted immigrants, and STEM will be further impacted with Indian and Asian workers granted unlimited H-1Bs. This could result in work cultures taking a step backwards, requirements for bilingual ability everywhere, and future generations having much fewer occupation choices for a fair wage.

Unions would be forced to reconcile with burgeoning unskilled labor ready to displace any strikers. It would most likely mean the end of unions.

Hillary Clinton claims “experience” as her defining trait as to why she deserves the highest office. Even this is not something she has proven nor can we be sure of. Hillary Clinton needed four times the amount of preparation for every debate in comparison to Donald Trump’s one day of preparation. This is on top of the other off-the-trail time she had taken off. In all three debates / town halls, she was displayed by video recording proof that she most likely cheated, and definitely so on at least one so far, by getting the questions beforehand from Donna Brazile. Even with this preparation and dishonesty, even with the moderators clearly favoring her in talking time and subject matter, she still was gauged by the open polls to have lost all three encounters. If her claimed “experience” existed, she surely had no confidence in relying on it, instead resorting to insider trickery. Even in her daily dealings, she is never without her Islamic advisor Huma Abedin. Plain and simple, Hillary Clinton’s experience just doesn’t seem to serve her, nor give her any ability to decide matters solely and effectively. With these revelations surfacing after the debates and the town hall meeting, Hillary Clinton has further solidified the fact that she has no sense of honesty nor integrity. This is now plain as day.

She tells audiences what they want to hear, she relies on focus groups and advisors to formulate what is now seen as an empty core of messages, but after that, goes on with her "private position" that sereves her own interests.

You need to take a hard look at what’s on the table here. You don’t need to trade your country, honest leadership, and a future for siding with a Democrat candidate that has long left the democratic spirit behind.